Wednesday, April 28, 2010

But I don't like to hear NO

Hello Friends and Fellow Networkers,

Thank you for all of the kind comments and emails in regards to my last video post. I will be posting more videos in the very near future.

I often get asked, "What is your secret to success?" I simply answer, "I get up every time I fall." A very simple answer, but a very true answer. Successful people fail over and over and over again. Failures fail a few times then stop taking any action.

I had to learn to discipline my disappointments and get up and get on with it. I learned that the word "NO" is simply part of the journey, it is part of the process, and if I tried to avoid hearing it, I would get absolutely NOWHERE!

The word NO is a building block for your business. How? It's worth money to you. Most people think that NO is a horrible thing. Wrong! Fall in love with the word NO, because the more NOs you get, the more YES's you will get.

With this mindset, you will understand that the word NO is a building block that you will build your business with. Just like bricks, use these blocks to build a strong business.

All businesses operate on the law of averages in sales. You are going to get a certain number of NOs regardless of what industry you are in.

How do you prepare for them? The best way is to be able to visualize in your mind that every time you hear NO, you are that much closer to a YES. You MUST sort through the NOs to get to the YES! It is essential!!

Your success will be in direct proportion to how many NOs you can hear, and can say, "Thank you!" Remember, sometimes a NO simply means NOT NOW and can be FUTURE BUSINESS!
Remember, a YES is around the corner.

People say NO because they simply don't KNOW!!

Keep sifting and sorting to find those that are cut out to be your business partners. Those that have a great attitude and positive expectancy! Amateurs Convince and Professionals SORT!

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