Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Motivating and Managing Yourself

Hello Friends and Fellow Networkers,

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I have recieved numerous letters and emails from around the country the last few weeks. A few of them shared the same theme, "How do you keep motivated and inspired?" For those of us that are building our own business, we have to be good at Self-Management and Self-Motivation. Yes, we can look to external sources like upline counsel and great books and audios. But, when it comes down to the moment of making the phone call or not. It is up to US to do the work.

Self-Management and Self-Motivation are the keys to a successful person. These two items determine your succwss with your Network Marketing business.

Motivating yourself is something that you can learn in order to keep the "gas" in your "engine". Different things motivate different people, but here is a list to start with.

1. Associate with Winners and Top Producers
Let thier fire light you up. The fact that they have got what you are striving for is all the more reason to learn from them. Listen to those who have great accomplishments and copy what they done.

2. Stay in Touch with your Succcessful Upline Leaders
Talk to them about their success, ask questions and learn. Share your desires with them. They have a vested interest in your success and they want to see you become successful. Your upline is an invaluable asset and resource as you are building your business. Use them.

3. Read Motivational Books and Listen to Personal Development Audios

Reading and inputting inspriation into your mind is like adding kerosene to a flame! Books will help you not only get motivated, but also keep you growing, evolving and learning. Turn your car into a classroom and make better use of your drive time.

4. Attend Company Events and Convetions
Attending a company function is very powerful. You have the opportunity to learn from those who have accomplished what you want to accomplish. You will also be able to meet corporate personnel and get familiar with the company culture. You will also be able to meet the top income earners. Not everyone who attends the events are top income earners, but ALL top income earners are at the events. Events build BIG belief and those with BIG belief will build a BIG business.

5. Set Rewards for Yourself
Eveytime you do something good or accomplish something, reward yourself. Set the rewards in advance so that you have a target to shoot for.

6. Build a Vision/Dream Board
Put pictures up of things you want to buy, places you want to go, and people and charities that you would like to help. This board is a constant reminder. Put it somewhere so that you can view it each day.

7. Set Reachable Goals
This must be done for any success, and it motivates like crazy! Start with little goals and then increase. Motivating yourself is an ongoing process. Do the suggestions above and Power UP!

Become a Good Self-Manager

It is important to manage 3 basic things.

1. Activity
Include contacts, 3 way calls, presentations, follow ups and sign ups. Tracking our "actual" activity doesn't allow us to believe that we have done more than really have. By tracking activity, it is easy to set a goal, get the activity done and mark it off the list. It helps enhance your daily sense of accomplishment.

2. Results
If you keep your activity up and tracked and your pipeline full, the numbers will always fall in your favor. Tracking your results allow us to get a clearer picture of whether we are on track or if we need to tune up a few things.

3. Time
If you fail to control your time, your time will control you. Time is a very important resource that needs to me managed wisely. Time is truly the only capital we all equally have to build a business. What you put into your day will equal what you get out.

It is not how many hours you put in, it is what you put into your hours.

Use your planner and fill in the time periods of what your typical day looks like Sunday through Saturday. By doing this a picture will start to emeerge of where all your time goes. this will then allow you to make changes and adjustments. This gives you the ability to make choices.

Self-Motivation and Self-Management are key to building a profitable and long term Network Marketing business. Just following these simple steps and YOU will become the best Motivator and Manager YOU have ever had!!

Thank you to all of you that have sent in questions and comments. If you have a topic of interest or question, feel free to send to johnna@mjparr.com - or visit my website.

I am recording some video files so those will be posted in the near future. stay tuned!!

Until Next Time!!

Dream Big, Live Big, Give Big