Friday, February 5, 2010

Know what to do and actually DO IT!

Hello Friends and Fellow Networkers,
I have recieved really great letters, questions and topics of interest and am excited to share with you in this newletter.
What I am REALLy fired up abou tis that I will soon be releasing a video newsletter, and will be addressing some of your quesitons and topics "on the air". Ge the word out to your fellow networkers so that they can be a part of this wonderful community as well.
So keep sending them in to
I know that some like to read, but others learn in a more visual way, so I am thrilled tht I will be able to offer both!

Dear Johnna,
I really appreciate the information in your newsletter and have read your book several times. I always get something more out of it, every time I read it. I has opened my eyes andhas helped me eliminate some of my negative thought processes. I have already had some success in my business, I know that I have to do more to take my business to the next level. I know what to do, but I am stuck. Why am I not doing it?

Hello Joseph,
Thank you for your kind words about the book. I am so thankful that you feel that it is serving you well.
I appreciate your honesty and candor in regards to your questions. You are among many that feel "stuck" every now and then. Including myself.
There is a world of difference between knowing what to do and actually do it. I consider it a privilege and honor when people allow me to help them. Nothing is more satisfying then when they succeed. But I am also reminded often of the fact that so many have yet to discover their greatness within and their true potential.
Many know HOW to do the business, you have the KNOWLEDGE. What many are missing is the ability to APPLY the knowledge. Without that skill, it doesn't matter how much you know, you will be stranded at the edge of the abyss.
Those of us who have crossed the abyss, those who KNOW and DO enjoy tremendous and incredibility positive changes in their lives.
Do, how do you take the leap and join those of us on the other side? How do you begin to thrive and not merely survive?
REAL CHANGE always begins on the inside.
Have you made the decision to change?
There is a big difference between deciding something and having compelling reasons to actually do it.
When you make the decision to change AND you clearly know your reasons, you will harness a powerful force and an incredible desire to make things happen.
Write down every compelling reason you have for building a successful and profitable network marketing business.
Read you reasons every day, with total confidence and assurance. Don't describe your future as something you "hope" to acheive. Picture what you just wrote as something you will absolutely accomplish, without fail! You must be convinced that what you are seeing in your mind IS your future.
Feel the surge of pride. Imagine others congratulating you on your success. Feel the spotlights of the convention shining on you!
Then, and most importantly, follow through on your self promises. For example, when you know you should be doing something and your not, your confidence and belief in yourself will beginn to fade away.
It doesn't have to be like that. No matter how long it has been like that, it doesn't have to stay that way. It is important to turn all of you "shoulds" into MUSTS.
Keep your word to yourself. Keep your self promises. Promise yourself that you are going to take it all the way!

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